(S.O.S)HI: Save Our Student Health Insurance

SOSHI is an independent group of University of Chicago students who are coming together over our common concern about the rising costs and falling quality of the current university-sponsored health insurance. While we acknowledge that the University has a very difficult task in finding affordable health insurance, SOSHI believes that the University holds a responsibility to lower costs by changing the model by which it offers health insurance to its students. While SHIRC is doing what they can to find as reasonable health care plan as possible in the midst of a larger national health care crisis, the University administration should do what they can to lower costs whether it be by partially subsidizing the insurance or creating a more comprehensive student health care clinic that can lower insurance costs. Our goal in SOSHI is to publically address the concerns about the current health plan and in so doing, take a more active stance towards formulating new models.

    Email sos AT healthhacker.org for questions or concerns